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Kumho Tyres ECSTA V730

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Ecsta V730 has been developed to maximise grip and handling on and off the track

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Tyre Details

Designed for sports cars, performance sedans and enthusiast drivers, Ecsta V730 has been developed to maximise grip and handling on and off the race track. The mixture of Ultra-high grip synthetic resins and fine carbon black featured in the racing compound provides the Ultimate traction necessary for competition type driving environments. Application of a high strength carcass and optimized footprint design manages lateral cornering forces and enhances endurance and longevity

Key Features

  • Asymmetric tread design highlighted by wide-outside shoulder blocks for enhanced traction and steering response with application of lateral sipes for secure wet performance

  • Application of 2 circumferential grooves help evacuate water for improved hydroplaning resistance and traction in wet conditions

  • Rib type center block design applied to enhance straight line driving performance and dry road responsiveness

  • Wave shaped micro-groove application for added heat dispersion

  • Zigzag-shaped center under-groove creates a vortex effect to enhance water flow-through leading to increased hydroplaning resistance for added stability in wet conditions

  • The internal construction of the tyre employs a high-strength carcass for increased durability and handling performance along with apex deformation prevention through reinforcement of the outer portion of the tyre.

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
225/45R15 87W
225/50R16 92W
225/40R18 92W XL
235/40R18 95W XL
245/40R18 97W XL
265/35R18 97W XL
275/35R18 95W
235/35R19 91W XL
245/35R19 93W XL
275/35R19 96W