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4X4 Lift Kits

For 4X4 lift kits and suspension upgrades, come and chat to the expert team at Katanning Tyrepower.

While it’s true that many 4WD and SUV vehicles will do just fine at going off-road straight from the factory, if you’re looking to maximise the offroad capabilities of your vehicle, you should consider suspension upgrades such as a lift kit.

Oftentimes, manufacturers design vehicles for comfort, reliability and on-road safety, but if you’re looking to shift the capabilities of your vehicle more towards offroad driving and slower speeds, you can with a 4WD lift kit.

Why get a lift kit from Katanning Tyrepower?

The primary idea behind aftermarket suspension lift kits is to increase your ground clearance. This has the added benefit of also increasing your approach, departure and rampover angles.

Depending on your vehicle, adding a lift kit will also allow extra clearance to run larger diameter tyres. Larger tyres mean your vehicle will have an easier time rolling over obstacles on the trail, rather than driving into them.

Both these benefits together mean you’ll have that extra ground clearance to handle whatever obstacles your nearby tracks feature.

Getting a lift kit from the local team at Katanning Tyrepower means you’re having your vehicle worked on by locals. We understand the tracks and types of driving that can be found around Katanning and can advise you on the best upgrades for your rig.

What type of lift kit do I need?

Depending on your vehicle, your goals and your budget, there are different ways to go about a suspension lift. The most common types of lift kits are:

Upgraded replacement leaf spring packs

These upgraded spring packs replace your entire factory leaf spring with an uprated design that holds your vehicle higher off the axle.

Additional insert leafs

Leaf spring packs are made up of individual leaf springs. Additional leaves can be added to a pack to increase load capacity and ride height.

Longer shackles

In a leaf spring equipped vehicle, a cheap and easy way to lift the vehicle is with an extended shackle kit. This method generally isn’t preferred because the maximum lift from this method is only mild, and drivetrain pinion angles can be moved out of specification quite easily.

Coil upgrades

Vehicles with coil suspension generally have a few options for lift kits. Spring suspension vehicles can be lifted through the use of spacers, upgraded springs, or complete replacement struts in the case of independent suspension vehicles

Geometry correction kits

Regardless of what type of lift kit you need for your vehicle, it’s essential that that lift kit comes from a reputable manufacturer who has done the math to ensure your vehicle retains most of its handling characteristics and safety features.

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We’ll help you pick the best option based on your needs, your driving style and your vehicle!

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